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The 7 Best Family Tents for 2024

Last Updated on 23 January 2024 by Rebecca

The new year is upon us and what better way to make the most of the year than by getting out and doing more camping with your family?

I love camping and have already said that this year I’m planning on doing more of it. With so many things to experience and see outside, especially with young children, a family camping trip is the best. But, searching for the best family tents can be a challenge. This is certainly true if you’ve never done much camping and don’t know which great family tent to get for a comfortable night’s sleep.

When researching the best family tents, you need a reliable shelter that provides comfort, withstands the elements, and offers enough sleeping compartments and communal space for your family.

In this article, we’ll share our top picks for family tents, breaking down their features, performance, and value to help you make an informed decision, whether you’re a family of three on occasional escapes or a group of eight on extensive outdoor adventures. From spacious living areas to storm-resistant durability, find out which tents you should consider to make camping a breeze for families just like yours.

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The Best Family Tents: A Snapshot of Superior Shelters

The Best Family Tents of 2024. A field full of people camping in tents. Photo by Uzenk Doezenk on Unsplash

Embarking on family camping trips is an exciting adventure! Whether you’re a family of four or a larger tribe, there is a perfect tent waiting to be discovered. Some options include:

  • Berghaus Air 6 XL: a spacious and comfortable tent ideal for families prioritising comfort

  • Eurohike Sendero 8XL: a large and durable tent perfect for big family gatherings

  • Robens Klondike: a traditional-style tent with modern practicalities, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia

The choices are plenty, so you can find the perfect tent for your family’s needs.

A tent is more than just a structure during your camping trips; it becomes your home away from home. Therefore, finding a tent that provides both comfort and protection is key.

Ventilation and quality are significantly affected by a tent’s material and design, making these factors essential to consider. Here are some tents that offer different features:

  • Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4: a compact and practical tent perfect for small families who value a quick and easy setup

  • Vango Beta 550XL: a value-for-money tent ideal for small families prioritising durability and weather resistance

  • Outwell Airville 6SA: a tent that delivers full headroom while ensuring space efficiency, with plenty of living space

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Berghaus Air 6XL: Best Overall Comfort

Berghaus Air 6 XL by Amazon

Key Features

  • Capacity: 6 people

  • Waterproof polycotton fabric

  • Weight: 40kg

Product Pros

  • Spacious and comfortable

  • Easy to pitch and pack away

  • Integrated porch with windows

Product Cons

  • Might be too large for smaller families

If comfort ranks high in your priorities, the Berghaus Air 6 XL would be an ideal choice, thanks to offering an incredible sense of space and its generous standing room.

But, if you need space, there are partitions to create smaller rooms because when you’re camping with a big family, there’s nothing more important than getting your own space. You can have a 6-person bedroom, a 4-person and 2-person bedroom or three 2-person bedrooms.

Equipped with ample porch space, ventilated bedrooms, and blackout curtains, this trusty tent is easy to pitch thanks to its quick-release air valve system. No tent poles are needed. Instead, inflate the air beams using the included pump to get the Berghaus Air 6 XL up in record time.

For those searching for a comfortable and enjoyable family camping trip, you won’t go wrong with this tent that offers great headroom, extra large windows with toggle curtains, and an integrated porch.

Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4: Best for Small Families

Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4 by Amazon

Key Features

  • Capacity: 4 people

  • Two blackout bedrooms

  • Weight: 18.5kg

Product Pros

  • Up to 5C cooler during the day thanks to the blackout bedroom technology

  • The spacious entrance doubles as a canopy

  • Lightweight fibreglass poles

Product Cons

  • It might be too small for larger families

Small families will find the Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4 exceptionally suitable. This four-person tent is great if you’re after something quick and easy to pitch, has spacious living areas, and provides features such as exceptional blackout bedrooms that prevent 99% of sunlight from entering the sleeping area and a tunnel tent construction providing plenty of headroom in the living area.

The Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4 also comes with a Sleep-Tight inner tent that improves insulation and dims the light, making it ideal for bright mornings, evenings, and daytime naps during summer camping.

For young families who only camp for a week or two each summer, this tent is a fantastic choice.

Eurohike Sendero 8XL: Best for Budget Camping

Eurohike Sendero 8XL by Amazon

Key Features

  • Capacity: 8 people

  • Waterproof to 2000mm

  • Weight: 16.65kg

£199 on Amazon

Product Pros

  • Fibreglass poles

  • Sewn-in groundsheet

  • Easy to set up and pack away

Product Cons

  • It might be too large for smaller families

For large gatherings, the Eurohike Sendero 8XL serves as an excellent companion. With its spacious capacity to comfortably accommodate eight people, this tent is perfect for those who need more space during their camping trips. For the size, the Eurohike Sendero 8XL is value for money and comes with two bedrooms, fitting up to four people in each, and a central living area.

With a generously spacious living area, the Eurohike Sendero 8XL ensures maximum comfort for large groups, offering ample sleeping space for everyone. The Eurohike Sendero 8XL also delivers plenty of storage space for your camping gear and belongings. For added light, the tent comes with a large window that has roll-up blinds for privacy, when needed.

Outwell Airville 6SA: Best Inflatable Tent

Outwell - Airville 6SA by Amazon

Key Features

  • Capacity: 6 people

  • Waterproof to 6000mm

  • Weight: 49.8kg

Product Pros

  • Quick and quick inner door

  • Dark sleeping compartments

  • Inflatable tubes for quick pitching

Product Cons

  • Expensive

Offering ample space and comfort, the Outwell Airville 6SA is a luxury inflatable tent. It’s a six-person tent with two bedrooms, a living zone, and a front porch area, making it a spacious family tent for those seeking a cosy and enjoyable camping experience. I mean, who doesn’t want that when they’re camping?

Constructed from a waterproof polyester flysheet with a 6,000mm hydrostatic head and inflatable air beams instead of poles, the Outwell Airville 6SA air tent creates a wonderfully sturdy structure when combined with guylines and webbing straps. These family tent features ensure a comfortable and secure camping experience.

Priced at over £1,500, the tent reflects its luxurious amenities such as ample space and exceptional durability. While it is fairly heavy, the trade-off is well worth it considering the outstanding features and benefits it offers, including storage pockets for organising your belongings.

Robens Klondike: Best Tipi Tent

Robens Klondike by Amazon

Key Features

  • Capacity: 6 people

  • Breathable HydroTex Polycotton fabric

  • Weight: 16.1kg

Product Pros

  • Traditional tipi tent with modern practicalities

  • Ample space and comfort

  • Features homely comforts such as mesh windows and curtains

Product Cons

  • Not suitable for those who prefer modern designs

Blending classic aesthetics with modern practicalities, the Robens Klondike is a bell tent with a traditional style. If you’re a fan of the old-school charm, this tent is just for you. Crafted from a quick-drying, but waterproof polycotton blend, the Robens Klondike tent boasts a vent for a stove pipe, an internal apex vent control for superior ventilation, and a groundsheet that can be rolled away to create a safe area for gear or stove use.

The Robens Klondike is renowned for its generous room and space, easily accommodating up to six people, with the option of the larger Klondike Grande fitting up to nine people. It also offers additional accessories like a soft tent carpet for added cosiness. This tent is perfect for year-round camping as a stove can be used inside, providing a cosy shelter even in colder weather.

If you’ve never slept in a tipi-style tent before, this is one of the best family tents to consider that will take your camping to the next level.

Vango Beta 550XL: Best Compact Tent

Vango Beta 550XL by Amazon

Key Features

  • Capacity: 5 people

  • Tunnel tent design

  • Weight: 7kg

Product Pros

  • Despite its size, it’s spacious inside

  • Pitching can be done in 15 minutes

  • Waterproof up to 3000mm

Product Cons

  • Families of five or more might want more space

For outstanding value for money, the Vango Beta 550XL is an excellent choice. Providing a standing-height structure, this tent comfortably sleeps up to five individuals and comes with a durable Vango Protex® 70 denier polyester flysheet that has a 3000mm hydrostatic head rating.

Inside the bedroom, campers can enjoy the nightfall bedroom, which reduces early morning light, giving you a few precious extra hours of sleep in the morning. For more ventilation, there is a large mesh window on the living room space area. And there’s no need to worry about staying in the Vango Beta 550XL when it’s windy, thanks to the innovative Vango’s TBS®II (Tension Band System) for enhanced stability.

Users are consistently delighted with the Vango Beta 550XL, praising its exceptional durability, spaciousness, and impressive protection against the elements, including heavy rain.

Eurohike Genus 800: Best for Spacious Living

Eurohike Genus 800 Inflatable Air Tent by Amazon

Key Features

  • Capacity: 8 people

  • Easy to pitch

  • Weight: 15.6 kg

Product Pros

  • Waterproof up to 3000mm

  • Delivers plenty of storage space

  • Easy to pitch thanks to its three inflatable beams

Product Cons

  • Might be too large for smaller families

Catering perfectly to families seeking extra space for their camping adventures, the Eurohike Genus 800 provides a generous living area and two separate bedrooms. This eight-person tent is perfect for those who need more space during their camping trips.

With this family tent, you’ll get a generously sized living area, two large bedrooms, each accommodating four people, and a spacious living area with a tall, standing-height ceiling. It also features lantern hanging points, a convenient carry bag, and a removable groundsheet to elevate the camping experience.

Essential Elements With the Best Family Tents

An orange tent in the mountains. Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash

Choosing the right family tent goes beyond finding just a shelter, it’s about selecting a home for your most cherished memories.

One important factor to consider when picking a family tent is the size. Depending on who you’re going with and how many, you might want to consider getting a tent that offers extra space and comfort for more people than you intend to use it for. And having separate bedrooms in a tent is fantastic, especially when camping with teenagers, as it provides private spaces.

A family tent’s material significantly contributes to its weatherproofing, durability, and comfort. Consider tents made from high-quality materials and look for a waterproof rating, for instance, a hydrostatic head (HH) rating of 4000mm will effectively keep out heavy rain. Modern tents have polyester construction and mesh panels for breathability, along with features that enhance tent usability and comfort.

Features like blackout fabrics that block morning sunlight, effective ventilation systems to prevent condensation, and organisational elements like gear pockets can greatly enhance a family tent’s livability. In addition, tunnel tents are a breeze to set up and perfect for families. We have several tunnel tents and one that offers more headroom and find them quick and easy to put up. These air tents are designed to be strong. While budget is important, investing in a durable and easy-to-set-up tent will contribute to many successful family trips.

Navigating the World of Family Tents

Given the plethora of options available, navigating the best family tents can be somewhat overwhelming. Our guide for family tents in 2024 offers exciting recommendations for the best family tents available and provides valuable tips for selecting the right one for your needs.

Our list of top family tents helps narrow down options for readers, showcasing a variety of ones suitable for different camping experiences. When buying a tent, consider the following family tent features:

  • Style and design;

  • The main living space;

  • Tent fabric;

  • Inflatable poles or fibreglass poles;

  • Design features;

  • Storage pockets;

  • Porch area; and

  • Available accessories.

These factors will help tailor the tent to your camping needs.

Keep in mind, choosing the right family tent isn’t only about the tent itself, but also the memories you’ll create within it. So, take your time, do your research, and choose a tent that will serve as a comfortable home from home for your family during your camping adventures.

Investing Wisely – Balancing Cost and Quality

A wise investment in a family tent requires a fine balance between cost and quality. The potential benefits of investing in a high-quality family tent are numerous. While the average cost is around £200, you can also enjoy the durability and long-lasting features of tents priced at around £550 or more.

Materials also play a critical role in the quality of a tent. Nylon and polyester are both fantastic and durable materials commonly used in family tents. They are sure to meet your needs for a long-lasting and reliable shelter.

However, considering your specific needs, conducting thorough research on various options, and reading reviews are key to achieving the perfect balance between cost and quality when investing in a family tent. This way, you can make a wise purchase that perfectly balances how much you’re willing to spend with the quality of the product.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our journey through the world of the best family tents, it’s clear that finding the perfect tent is a crucial part of creating unforgettable camping experiences.

Whether you’re a small family just starting your camping adventures or a large tribe experienced in the art of camping, there’s a perfect tent out there for you. From the spacious Outwell Airville 6SA and the luxurious Eurohike Genus 800 to the value-for-money Vango Beta 550XL and the traditional-style Robens Klondike, the choices are endless.

Remember, the best family tent is not just about size or cost. It’s about the memories you’ll make inside it. It’s about waking up to the sound of chirping birds and falling asleep under a blanket of stars. It’s about those hearty breakfasts cooked on a campfire and the stories shared around it. It’s about the laughter, the adventures, the shared moments, and the joy of being in nature. These are all reasons why I love camping and want to do more of it this year.

So, take your time, do your research, and choose a tent that will be the perfect home for your family on your camping trips.

Are you ready to embark on your next camping adventure with your perfect family tent? The great outdoors is waiting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some exciting options for family tents?

You have plenty of exciting options for family tents, including spacious options like the Outwell Airville 6SA, the Berghaus Air 6XL, and the Robens Klondike. These options cater to large families, wild camping, and exploratory families.

What materials should I consider when buying a family tent?

When buying a family tent, consider tents made from high-quality, sustainable materials. Also, look for a waterproof rating, such as a hydrostatic head (HH) rating of 4000mm to keep out heavy rain effectively.

What additional features can improve the liveability of family tents?

Adding features like blackout fabrics, effective ventilation systems, and organisational elements can greatly enhance the liveability of family tents, providing a more comfortable and practical camping experience.

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