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The 9 Best Portable Camping Toilets for 2024

Last Updated on 28 January 2024 by Rebecca

If you’ve ever been camping, you’ll know the importance of having access to camping toilets and how these can make camping life so much easier. When it comes to a camper lifestyle, all of nature is your outdoor toilet, as long as you follow the Leave No Trace guidelines.

However, for some the idea of squatting behind a tree or digging a hole, if you don’t have access to campground bathrooms, can be a bit too much. If you need a pot to pee in, why not add a portable camping toilet to your camping kit, helping make your camping experience more enjoyable, especially if nature calls unexpectedly.

In this blog, I will look at the best portable camping toilets for caravans, campervans, and tents that you should consider for your next outdoor camping trip. They may not be your traditional toilet, but it’s nice to have something that reminds you of the comfort of home when you can’t hold it any longer and you’ve just got to go. And don’t forget to check out this comprehensive camping list to ensure you bring all you need on your next camping trip.

Read on to find out what the best portable toilets are. You never know, you may find the perfect travel toilet for you here.

What is a Portable Toilet?

A portable toilet is, as the name suggests, a travel toilet that can be moved around easily depending on your needs. They are typically small in size, don’t require too much space, and are usually used as camping toilets when campground toilets aren’t available.

Portable camping toilets are different from cassette toilets as a cassette toilet is permanently mounted to your campervan or caravan. However, cassette toilets bring the convenience of a travel toilet with the added benefit of a holding tank.

The 9 Best Camping Toilets

  1. Thetford Porta Potti

  2. The Luggable Loo

  3. Camco Portable Toilet

  4. SereneLife Portable Toilet

  5. Bivvy Loo Folding Toilet

  6. Blue Diamond Eco-Friendly Composting Toilet

  7. Wrappon Green Camping Toilet

  8. McKesson Drive Commode Camping Toilet

  9. Tiktun Portable Toilet

1. Thetford Porta Potti

Camping toilets: The Thetford Porta Potti

Key Features

  • Fresh water capacity: 2.6 gallons

  • Waste water capacity: 2.6 gallons

  • Ergonomic carrying handle for easy transportation

  • Weight capacity: 8 pounds

Product Pros

  • It’s a small portable toilet

  • It’s easy to install
  • The indicator sensor tells you when the waste tank is full

Product Cons

  • It gets heavy when it’s full

The Thetford Porta Potti is a practical and durable portable toilet for camping that can fit in small spaces, making this an ideal portable camping toilet for campervans and tents, and for those extended trips.

You can either place it in your tent or campervan or for added security use the mount plates to lock it in place on the floor, making it into a cassette toilet. As portable camping toilets go, the Thetford porta potti is an attractive choice.

This portable travel toilet has a freshwater tank with a flushing system that works like a regular toilet with the use of a battery-operated pump; however, if you want to conserve fresh water, you don’t have to use this feature. Another added bonus is the integrated toilet paper holder inside the base.

To ensure you don’t run out of water or overflow this camping toilet, the Thetford Porta Potti is equipped with waste and water level indicators, so no nasty surprises. It also has a handy toilet lid that clips shut when it’s not in use.

When it is time to remove your toilet waste, there is a swivel arm and cap for easy disposal and easier cleaning. Simply use any public toilet when camping to empty the waste tank.

Compared to a regular toilet, this portable toilet sits lower to the ground. The base also has a storage area for keeping chemicals or spare toilet paper. As a portable campervan toilet, the Thetford Porta Potti is a great choice for your adventures outdoors.

2. The Luggable Loo

The Luggable Loo. A basic plastic bucket with a toilet lid on top.

Key Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Simple to use and portable

Product Pros

  • Lockable lid
  • Carrying handle
  • Simple design

Product Cons

  • Hard to clean if you don’t use a bin liner

Not for the faint-hearted, the Luggable Loo is as basic as it gets when it comes to portable camping toilets. This porta potty is literally a bucket toilet with a toilet seat lid attached to it. If you’re after a no-frills portable toilet that requires little maintenance, but does what you need it to do, then the Luggable Loo is what you’re after. It’s a great toilet for camping.

This isn’t a flush toilet, so to make cleaning nice and easy, simply attach a bin liner inside the bucket when you need to use it. You can purchase the liners with a bio gel or you can use sawdust or cat litter, if you have some to hand, to cover your mess and close the lid. When you’re finished, tie the bin liner up and dispose of it in a rubbish bin. Simple!

Even though this portable travel toilet has a lid that snaps shut, I wouldn’t recommend turning this bucket toilet upside down as your waste may leak, releasing unpleasant odours. The toilet seat can be removed for easy cleaning and dumping of any waste. There is also a carrying handle for easy transportation when you do need to clean it out.

As portable camping toilets go, this porta potty is a great portable toilet for camping to meet your basic needs during that weekend camping trip whether you’re doing your first solo camping trip or camping with friends.

3. Camco Portable Toilet

The Camco Portable Toilet. Grey on the bottom and white on top.

Key Features

  • Bigger toilet seat than most camping toilets

  • Detachable tank: 5.3 gallons

  • Flush toilet capacity: 4 gallons

  • Weight capacity: 11.7 pounds

Product Pros

  • Made of durable ABS resin
  • Easy to detach the holding tank to empty waste
  • Tank seals to prevent leaks and odours

Product Cons

  • Heavy when full, around 56 pounds

When it comes to portable camping toilets, this is a great option for those camping adventures out in the wild or at an RV park. Not only is it a portable toilet that can be used as an RV toilet, but it’s a comfortable one as well. One of its best features is that it has a larger toilet seat than most portable toilets, with a bigger bowl size.

For a toilet that has the features of a traditional toilet, this one comes equipped with a pump flush action that fills and rinses the bowl of the toilet. It has a capacity of four gallons. Added to that is its slick surface that makes for easy disposal of waste.

Talking about waste, the waste holding tank capacity is 5.3 gallons and can easily be detached. When it comes to cleaning the toilet lid, this can be removed. And, if you can’t empty the toilet straight away, it features a sealed value that traps in odours, making your travel experience more pleasant.

For a bit more comfort when picking a portable travel toilet, you can’t go wrong with this option and is among the best portable camping toilets. And there’s no need to worry about where to go when nature calls after you’ve had your first cup of tea/coffee with your handy camping kettle in the morning.

4. SereneLife Portable Toilet

SereneLife Portable Toilet featuring its two-part design.

Key Features

  • Waste capacity: 5.3 gallons

  • Two-part design

  • Piston pump flushing system

  • Easy to clean

Product Pros

  • Tank seals to prevent leaks and odours
  • Great for boating enthusiasts, frequent travellers, and outdoor adventure families
  • Rugged construction
  • Carry case included

Product Cons

  • The toilet bowl is shallow

This portable camping toilet is sturdy and comfortable and comes in a two-part design, making this a great outdoor travel toilet for camping. It also makes for a great emergency toilet when you can’t access any public toilets. This portable toilet would also do well as an RV porta potty.

The top has a seat, a water tank, and a flush system. The bottom is where the holding tank is found with a sealed valve for keeping out any odours and preventing leaks. Wherever and whenever nature calls, you can rest assured that this portable potty can stand up to your outdoor and indoor activities.

This is thanks to its 3.2 gallons of clean water and more than 50 flushing capacity. There is also a waste holding tank that comes with a capacity of 5.3 gallons that stores toilet waste after flushing. When it’s time to empty the tank, undo the clips, take it to the nearest dump station or toilets, swing open the splash-free rotating spout, and pour the waste out.

If you’re searching for campervan toilets for camping, you can’t go wrong with this portable camping toilet in your camping gear.

5. Bivvy Loo Folding Toilet

Bivvy Loo. A foldable toilet that comes with a carry case.

Key Features

  • A portable foldable toilet that’s perfect when space is limited

  • Biodegradable liners included

  • Strong steel frame supports over 150kg

Product Pros

  • Comfortable oval seat
  • Pops up in seconds
  • Ideal for all outdoor adventures

Product Cons

  • It may be too basic for some

If you’re after a no-frills camping toilet, then this portable folding toilet is a perfect choice. Whether you’re using it at a festival, as an emergency toilet in your vehicle, or out camping, the Bivvy Loo is the ideal camping toilet when space is limited, but you still want the luxury of using your toilet instead of public ones.

What’s great about this portable folding toilet is that it packs away into a green bag that measures around three inches. When it’s in use, the toilet seat fixes to a pop-up corrugated section that’s nice and secure when someone sits on it. To use it, attach one of the 12 biodegradable waste bags underneath the seat that comes with it.

Once you’re finished, add one of the powder sachets to convert the waste into a gel. You can dispose of the bag along with your regular trash, making it a great composting toilet as well. With all this said, the Bivvy Loo portable folding toilet is one to consider.

6. Blue Diamond Eco-Friendly Composting Toilet

Blue Diamond Composting Toilet. In three shades of blue with the lid down.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly with no need for water or chemicals

  • Waste capacity: 8 litres for liquids and 7.5 litres for solids

  • 200kg weight loading capacity

Product Pros

  • Made from a recyclable and robust heavy-duty Polyethylene

  • Has two separate compartments for solids and liquids

  • Solids can be added to a compost heap

Product Cons

  • Expensive

For those looking for a toilet for camping that delivers a more eco-friendly approach, the Blue Diamond is a good choice. Ideal for either home or outdoor use or as an RV toilet, this camping toilet has two separate compartments, one for solids and one for liquids, providing a greener waste when it’s time to transport the contents to a dump station.

An added bonus with this portable camping toilet is that there’s no need for water or chemicals. Instead, adding sawdust will dry out the solid waste while masking any smells and help start the composting process.

Solids can be added to a compost heap whereas the liquid waste can be drained away. Make sure you add a biodegradable liner first to make cleaning this toilet simple.

7. Wrappon Green Camping Toilet

Wrappon Green Camping Toilet. A green base portable toilet with a toilet seat in the middle.

Key Features

  • The Wrappon Green is an eco-friendly camping toilet

  • It can be operated on either AC or DC power

  • It’s compact in size and is easily portable

Product Pros

  • It doesn’t require water or chemicals

  • There’s no need to handle waste thanks to the thermo-compression that seals the plastic film

  • Its compact size means it has the versatility to be used wherever you are

Product Cons

  • The film bags aren’t biodegradable

When it comes to dry toilets, the Wrappon Green toilet is a great toilet system when you’re camping or living life off-grid and need somewhere to do your business.

Instead of using water or any chemicals, this portable toilet relies on an electromechanical system that is controlled by a remote.

There’s no need to use your hands to tie the waste away in the waste bags. The toilet uses thermo-compression bonding to hermetically seal the waste in a polyethene film. The toilet then cuts the film for easy disposal of the waste.

To eliminate any unpleasant odours, Wrappon Green uses a coagulating powder that neutralises smells and turns liquid waste into a gel. When the portable camping toilet is not in use, it’s easy to pack up in its case, and it has a handle for easy transportation.

As a toilet for camping, the Wrappon Green can be used wherever you are, making it one of the best composting toilets available.

8. McKesson Drive Commode Camping Toilet

McKesson Commode Camping Toilet. A grey toilet that is held up on legs giving extra height.

Key Features

  • Adjustable legs to suit various heights

  • It can support weights up to 350 pounds

  • It has non-slip feet

Product Pros

  • It’s lightweight and can easily be stored away when not in use
  • It’s ideal for those who can’t sit down on lower camping toilets

Product Cons

  • The portable toilet seat could be bigger

This portable toilet is a great choice if you’re going anywhere with someone who has mobility issues. Even though it’s pretty basic with no toilet paper holder, it’s ideal for both children and adults.

The McKesson portable toilet comes with adjustable legs to suit everyone’s needs. An added bonus is the non-slip feet, providing extra stability.

When it’s not in use as a camping toilet, it can be used as a bedside commode. Durable and strong, its steel-welded construction can support weights up to 350 pounds. After using this portable toilet, the removable pail with the toilet waste can be detached with the aid of the toilet’s handle.

Even though it’s pretty basic, as toilets go it does what it needs to on camping trips. When it’s not needed, the McKesson can be made into a portable folding toilet for easy storage.

9. Tiktun Portable Toilet

Tiktun Portable Toilet. A white portable toilet that comes with a toilet roll holder on the side.

Key Features

  • Lightweight design

  • Detachable inner bucket

  • Good seat height compared to other toilets

Product Pros

  • Detachable toilet paper and phone holder

  • Made from durable plastic

  • Easy to move and carry

Product Cons

  • No flush system

If you’re searching for a travel portable toilet that feels like a home toilet complete with a toilet paper holder, then the Tiktun toilet may be for you. For added convenience, there is also a mobile phone holder above the toilet paper. What better way to experience the great outdoors than with a bit of away-from-home luxury?

This compact travel toilet, which would be great as an RV toilet, can be used inside and outside without taking up too much space. Whether you’re camping, boating, or going on road trips, the Tiktun gives you peace of mind that it won’t fail.

Weighing six pounds, this porta potty is lightweight and easy to carry. The large bucket toilet also means that it can have more than one use before it needs to be cleaned with fresh water.

When it is time to empty, the toilet has a detachable inner bucket with a convenient handle. Add a bin liner inside the bucket before each use, so waste doesn’t get in the bucket.

Why Should You Use a Portable Travel Toilet While Camping?

A "the mountains are calling" camping mug held with a view of some mountains in the background.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a bathroom situation where you needed the toilet, but have no access to any, you’ll know the feeling of wishing you had a portable toilet on hand for such moments.

If you’re happy digging a hole to hide your waste, then that’s fine.

You probably don’t need to research portable toilets for camping, but if you’ve read this far, chances are that you may be searching for the best camping toilet for your next adventure whether that’s as a beginner hiker or a seasoned hiker.

So, why should you use one?

  • They’re portable

  • With some, you don’t need to use fresh water, helping you to conserve your supply

  • They’re convenient

  • Whether you’re looking at bucket toilets or fancier porta potty toilets, you can use these portable toilets anywhere

4 Portable Camper Potty Benefits

  1. It’s a great backup toilet

  2. They are perfect if you don’t want to do your business in the bushes while camping

  3. They are affordable and portable

  4. Camper toilets are easy to clean

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Toilet

A portable camping toilet is not for everyone. If you’re camping at a campground, you’ll have access to toilets.

However, if you’re going off-grid for your camping or fishing or are heading to a festival, or living on a boat, then you may want to consider the array of camping toilets available for your needs.

Here are 5 things to consider before buying a camping toilet:

  1. How much space do you have available for your portable travel toilet? Look at what size they are as some camping toilets can be a bit bulky for camping. Pick one that’s lightweight and small and has plenty of capacity for more than one use.

  2. Are you searching for a flush toilet or a composting toilet?

  3. Do you want one that has separate waste compartments?

  4. Are you happy with spending a lot of money or as little as possible on your portable toilet?

  5. Consider the tank capacity you need. You don’t want a small waste tank that needs emptying every time someone uses it, but you don’t have to get the largest out there either.

These are some considerations to take into account when looking at portable camping toilets. With such an array available, you want to make sure you get the right one for your outdoor needs.

Can You Poop In A Portable Camping Toilet?

Yes, you can. Not everyone does, though, but camping toilets are fine to poo in. To make cleaning portable toilets easier, attach disposable waste bags, whether for number one or number two.

When you’re finished, all that’s needed is to dispose of the bag on the campgrounds or when you return home, if you’re camping off-grid.

This makes it nice and easy when it comes to cleaning your toilet.

Can You Use Cat Litter in Camping Toilets?

Yes, you can. Cat litter is commonly used in camping toilets that need bin liner bags. If you are using composting toilets, added sawdust or cat litter is great at masking waste odours and helping to cover up your waste.

It also starts the process of decomposing waste if used on a compost heap. Consider it like a human litterbox.

Final Thoughts

A camping tent beside a lake with a boat in the water. In the background, are mountains and trees.

Camping is a great activity to do with your family, friends, or by yourself. It gets you outside, being active, and creating great memories.

To make your experience even better, consider looking at portable camping toilets, so that when nature calls unexpectedly you’re ready. There are countless portable toilets to buy, but knowing which is the right one is where many people struggle.

When it comes to what the best portable toilet is, hopefully, my list of the top nine camping toilets will be enough food for thought to help you decide.

The next time you go camping, fishing, or head to a festival, don’t forget your camping porta potty. While it’s certainly not a make or break whether you go camping again, having access to portable camping toilets can make it more enjoyable, particularly if you don’t have access to any campground facilities.

What do you think are the best portable toilets? Have you used any of the ones I’ve listed above? Are there any that I’ve left out and should be included?

Happy camping!

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