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Camping Trolley: Here Are the Best for 2024

Last Updated on 23 April 2024

The summer months, gardening outside, and the festival season will soon be upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about how you can make your life easier. This is especially true when it comes to carrying heavy loads like camping equipment, gardening tools, or even young children.

Tip: buy a camping trolley.

Whether you’re camping for the weekend or heading out for a day of fun, trolleys are the ideal solution for carrying a lot of stuff, which we all do, so why make your life harder? We brought a camping trolley for Glastonbury to cart our two young girls around and it was the best decision we’ve made.

In this blog post, I list the best camping trolleys available, suitable for festivals, camping, and even your day-to-day activities like gardening that will make life so much easier.

Read on to find out more.

4 of the Best Camping Trolleys

  1. Happy Buy Collapsible Wagon with Canopy
  2. Timber Ridge Collapsible Folding Festival Wagon
  3. VonHaus Garden Cart
  4. Topwell Beach Trolley

Regardless of what you’re doing this summer, trudging your things from one place to another is never fun. This is certainly the case when you’re attending a festival or camping and find that the carpark and where you’re going is, what feels like, miles apart.

Not only is a camping trolley or a festival trolley great for these situations, but they make for safe spaces for young children and are the perfect place for eating, sleeping or chilling out. If you have a tired child, pop them in and cart them back to their tent.

1. Happy Buy Collapsible Wagon with Canopy

Happy Buy Camping Trolley in Red. Photo from Amazon

Key Features

  • Waterproof polyester canopy

  • Portable push and pull handle

  • Foldable and compact camping trolley

Product Pros

  • Easily fits in a closet, garage or standard car boot
  • Ideal trolley for transporting stuff
  • No tools needed to assemble

Product Cons

  • It could be a bigger fit for toddlers to fit comfortably

The Happy Buy is a good choice if you’re after a sturdy camping trolley that features a canopy for those sunny days. If you’re planning on attending any festivals this year, the Happy Buy has been designed so that you can either push or pull the trolley depending on the terrain.

If you have little ones with you on a hot or rainy day, you can sit them in the trolley and strap them in knowing they don’t get the worse of the weather. It also comes with an extra storage basket and two mesh bags for those extra items you may have.

Due to its multifunctional uses, it makes the Happy Buy an ideal choice for your trips to the beach or park, garden activities, holidays, camping trips, and festivals. It comes in red, black, and camouflage.

2. Timber Ridge Collapsible Folding Festival Wagon

Timber Ridge Camping Trolley. Photo from Amazon

Key Features

  • It folds and unfolds quickly and easily

  • It has a maximum load of 250lbs

  • It has a robust steering wheel and adjustable handle

Product Pros

  • Easy to assemble
  • Wider wheels better suited for steep terrain and sand
  • Large loading space for storing your stuff

Product Cons

  • The wheels could be stronger

The Timber Ridge Collapsible Folding Festival Wagon is a great piece of kit that is perfect for your summer beach adventures, carting your children and pets around, or using to load your camping equipment like your tent, sleeping bags, and portable camping toilets.

Designed to take the stress out of your outdoor activities, the Timber Ridge has an all-terrain wheel design, extra side storage and two cup holders, and is made from a sturdy construction.

It has a maximum load of 250 pounds and its wide wheels make it one of the best camping trolleys on the market whether you’re using it in the garden or at the store. It comes in blue, black, and grey.

3. VonHaus Garden Cart

VonHaus Garden Cart. Photo from Amazon

Key Features

  • Strong and sturdy with a maximum weight load of 600kg

  • Heavy-duty pneumatic wheels

  • It comes with a removable interior liner

Product Pros

  • It has a durable steel frame
  • Versatile use
  • Easy transportation on uneven ground

Product Cons

  • It’s not collapsible and requires a bit of space for storing

The VonHaus Garden Cart is a great trolley for your gardening needs. Sturdy with a steel frame and a maximum weight load of 600kg, it’s easy to see why this product would make a great camping trolley to carry your camping equipment or for those big jobs in the garden.

For easy cleaning, the VonHaus Garden Cart has a removable liner that you wipe clean to maintain. And when it comes to pulling this trolley through a festival or camping field, the 10″ pneumatic wheels and fold-down mesh panels, make transportation over uneven ground easy.

4. Topwell Beach Trolley

Topwell Beach Camping Trolley. Photo from Amazon

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty iron frame structure

  • No assembly required

  • 360° rotating front wheels

Product Pros

  • Compact design for simple transportation
  • Maximum weight load is 264lbs
  • Wear-resistant 600D Oxford fabric

Product Cons

The Topwell Beach trolley is a compact camping trolley that has an adjustable handle that goes up and down. With its black and blue large wheels, it can be pulled through various terrains, ensuring a smooth journey wherever you’re going.

This is a great trolley to have at the beach, but because of its high weight capacity, it can be used on a number of outings, including picnics, out at the park, at sports events or even food shopping.

For those who require a piece of equipment that is compact and opens in seconds, while maintaining its durability, then the Topwell Beach trolley may be the option for you.

What Kind of Camping Trolley Do I Need?

It all depends on what you’re doing, how much space you require, and the storage space you have when you’re not using your trolley.

If you’re camping or heading to a festival, then you should look for festival trolleys that provide plenty of space for young children to sit in and have extra compartments where you can stash things that are easy to reach. You may also want to consider ones with a canopy to provide a bit of shelter for little ones and that collapse for easier storage.

For gardening, look at ones that have a sturdy steel frame and can carry heavy loads. These don’t tend to be collapsible, so you’ll need to take that into account when storing it.

Have fun picking your trolley!

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