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15 Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers in 2022

Last Updated on 16 March 2023

Making Christmas Shopping Easy

It’s nearly that time of the year again when Christmas will soon be upon us. Are you one of those who’s left your Christmas shopping until the last minute? In need of some inspiration when it comes to the best gifts for toddlers?

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s always a joy to see toddlers’ faces light up on Christmas morning when they see the gifts that Santa’s left behind. But what exactly do you get a toddler? These early years are so important for their growing minds, so when you’re buying gifts for them, it’s got to be good. No pressure then!

You need toys that help them learn and grow, but as every parent knows, sometimes it can be hard to find a gift that’s half entertaining and half educational. If you’re searching for a few last-minute Christmas gifts for toddlers, whether fun ones that’ll get them outside or using their imagination, get ready to cross off that Christmas list as I show you the best ones to give this year.

The 15 Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

1. Wooden Tool Set

What toddler doesn’t love fixing something for you or bashing things together? And now they have their own tool set to do it with. This wooden tool set is great for developing hand-eye coordination, which is crucial for everyday tasks such as writing and tying shoe laces. Featuring wooden tools, screws, and bolts, your little helpers can help around the house with all your DIY projects with this handy and brightly coloured tool set.

Age: 2+

2. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

This electronic book from LeapFrog brings young children over 100 words in 12 categories such as Pets, Foods, and Colours. What’s even better is that there is a bilingual feature. Simply flip a switch to change the language to French.

Age: 12 months+

3. Doug & Melissa Toddler Cleaning Set

At some stage in their young lives, toddlers take it upon themselves to help out with the cleaning even if it’s just pretending. Long may this continue! In the meantime, build their confidence and boost their life skills with this wooden cleaning set that’ll make one of those great gifts for toddlers and will give them hours of endless play.

Age: 3+

4. Plan Toys Bee Hives Rainbow

This Bee Hive toy is great for developing finger strength and hand-eye coordination. It’s also perfect for understanding colours. Using the wooden tweezers, toddlers pick up the bees and place them in their correct hive.

Age: 3+

5. Doctor Play Set

This is a great gift for toddlers who love playing doctors or vets. Ignite their imagination with this toy that will provide hours of playing while helping them to develop empathy for those they’re caring for. It comes with nine wooden accessories that can be packed away in the included fabric medical bag once play is over.

Age: 3+

6. Wooden Puzzles

Children of all ages enjoy doing puzzles and what better way to boost their learning development than with this four-pack of wooden puzzles? With their eye-catching designs, these puzzles will be a delight for any young child.

Age: 2+

7. Fishing Game

This classic fishing game is always a winner with children and is one of those gifts for toddlers that they’ll keep coming back to. It comes with four magnetic fishing rods and several sea creatures to fish for. This fishing game is great at developing concentration skills while boosting hand-eye coordination. Once play is over, it can all be stored in a sea life box with a removable lid and handle.

Age: 2+

8. Vegetable Growing Kit

Do you have a budding gardener in your family? Why not give them this toddler gift to continue their interest when the weather starts warming up? In this kit, you’ll find seven easy-to-grow vegetables such as broccoli, cucumber, and pumpkin. Plant between May-June and watch the excitement unfold as your toddler sees their vegetables grow.

Age: 2+

9. The World of Dinosaur Roar Books

If you’ve got a dinosaur mad toddler then these books by Peter Curtis will be an instant hit. In association with the Natural History Museum in London and published by Macmillan Children’s Books, the colourful collection of books features dinosaurs we all love that have big personalities while conveying a moral story.

Age: 2+

10. Personalised Safari and Farmyard Finger Puppets

These adorable finger puppets will be a delight to babies and toddlers, making them great gifts for toddlers. Interact with your little one for hours of entertainment while encouraging learning through storytelling. The neutral-toned animals come in the shape of a lion, giraffe, elephant, panda, and pig. This toy can also be personalised up to 10 characters.

Age: 0+

11. Folding Teepee Tent

If you’re searching for fun gifts for toddlers, then this folding teepee tent is a great choice. Let your toddler have their own privacy where they can read and play for hours. With this tent, toddlers can explore their imagination and get lost in their own world. The material is soft and non-toxic and comes with two see-through windows.

Age: 2+

12. Crayola Toddler Pavement Chalk

If you’re looking for something that gets your toddler out in the fresh air that also lets them be creative, why not consider these washable chalk sticks? With 48 sticks to choose from, you and your toddler can enjoy hours of play outside without worrying about causing any damage.

Age: 3+

13. LeapFrog LeapGlobe Touch

If you’re searching for something that’s bound to educate your toddler on the different countries and continents, look no further than the LeapFrog LeapGlobe Touch. Providing hours of entertaining fun, this interactive learning toy features 48 touchpoints, three play modes, and fun learning songs.

Age: 3+

14. Play Food Set

As gifts for toddlers go, pretend play food is great at boosting imaginative play. They also enhance toddlers’ fine motor skills thanks to the velcro centre that enables little hands to pull the food apart and put it back together again.

Age: 3+

15. Hey Duggee Wooden Threading Toy

For all the Hey Duggee fans, this toy will be a joy to play with. The threading toy will help develop fine motor skills, understand colours, and boost hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. It comes with eight different-shaped beads and 12 character beads. Once play is over, simply store it in the wooden storage box.

Age: 2+

Wrap Up

Christmas might just be around the corner, but you still have a bit of time to get those last-minute gifts for toddlers before the big day arrives. Hopefully, what’s been suggested in this blog will give you some inspiration as to what to buy or it may have given you something new to consider.

Happy shopping!

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