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5 of the Best Kids Snowboards: Your 2024 Guide

Last Updated on 27 January 2024

There’s nothing cuter than seeing your little ones up the mountain enjoying some winter fun snowboarding. Last year, we took our three-year-old daughter to the mountains and it was great seeing her have so much fun.

With the slopes open, why not see if your little ones want to try it with these kids snowboards on offer? You never know, you may have your very own Shaun White or Aimee Fuller waiting to shine.

While learning to snowboard takes time, nothing is stopping you from buying a snowboard for your kids where you can pull them along in the snow. If you’re looking for more tips or a snowboard for sale, in this blog, I’ll share the best junior snowboards for beginners and those more advanced to get your kids ready for your next adventure on the slopes.

What Are the Best Kids Snowboards?

1. Burton Kids After School Special Snowboard and Bindings

Burton After School Kids Snowboard

Key Features

  • FSC-certified fly core
  • Fully adjustable bindings
  • High durability and low maintenance
  • Best Suited: Beginners
  • Best For: All mountain

Product Pros

  • Simple to set up
  • Fully adjustable bindings
  • Retractable pulley

Product Cons

  • Sizes only in 80cm, 90cm, and 100cm

The Burton Kids After School Special Snowboard is the perfect kit to introduce your children to snowboarding. It’s the ideal baby snowboard for getting your little kids interested in snowboarding.

Strap them into the kid-friendly bindings that’ll fit your child’s boots and pull them with the retractable pulley.

Teaching them balance and board control, the School Special board is a great board for beginners to get them on the mountain. And as parents, that’s all we want.

2. Nitro Spirit Kids Snowboard

Nitro Snowboards Spirit Kids

Key Features

  • Its flat camber provides a reassuring ride on hard snow
  • Provides the perfect balance of flex, support, and finish
  • Prevents the rider from catching too many edges
  • Best Suited: Beginners-Intermediate
  • Best For: All mountain, Freestyle

Product Pros

  • Beginner-friendly kids snowboard
  • Connect turns without worrying about catching an edge
  • Great for making progress

Product Cons

  • It will need to be upgraded to get more response when connecting turns

This is one of those snowboards that’ll make riding the entire mountain a joy. For children who may have a bit of boarding experience – or those who don’t – the Nitro Spirit Kids snowboard is designed to make progressing and learning on a snowboard easy. It also comes in a great design.

Thanks to its flat camber, this snowboard makes gliding on snow easy even if it’s hard snow, which is what you want for your little one when they’re on the mountain. It delivers a good grip on the snow, helping to limit catching an edge.

While plenty of kids snowboards are on the market, the Nitro snowboard adds a little fun with its quirky design and ability to help boarders make great progress on the snow.

3. Kids’ Freestyle All Mountain Snowboard

Kids’ Freestyle All Mountain Snowboard

Key Features

  • Delivers a good grip on the mountain
  • Rocker-camber hybrid contour
  • Twin tip to move easily in both directions
  • Best Suited: Beginners
  • Best For: All mountain, Freestyle

Product Pros

  • For kids from 1.15m to 1.29m
  • The position of bindings help grow with your child
  • Great for riding on and off-piste

Product Cons

  • Not suitable for those under 105cm

The Kids’ Freestyle All Mountain snowboard is a lovely-looking snowboard that does great in all conditions. Thanks to its twin-tip shape, young boarders can learn to ride in both directions while also reducing edge errors.

Another added benefit of this kids snowboard is the fact that it grows with your child. Kids snowboards aren’t cheap, so to solve this over two years (usually how long children keep their boards) there are two binding options.

During the first year, bindings are inserted into the four holes closest to the centre of the board. In the second year, they are placed in the four holes furthest from the centre of the board. Both are enough to get your children progressing smoothly without making it too difficult to learn, putting them off.

4. Burton Mini Grom

Burton Chopper Kids Snowboard

Key Features

  • A convex base with upturned edges provides the softest flex
  • Delivers a flat profile with catch-free edges
  • Twin flex from tip to tail providing a balanced ride
  • Best Suited: Beginners
  • Best For: All mountain, Freestyle, Powder

Product Pros

  • Designed to get kids riding as soon as possible
  • Flat top bed, twin-tip shape
  • Delivers outstanding balance and board control

Product Cons

  • If your kids are more advanced with their boarding, you may want to look at other boards

Formally known as the Chopper or Chicklet, the Mini Grom is another excellent choice from Burton. As kids snowboards go, this is a great board for the little ones where they can learn the basics quickly. This is helped by its catch-free shape and soft flex.

Board length is available from 80cm to 100cm, simply attach the Riglet accessory to pull them along as they get used to their balance and begin to control their board. With its eye-catching design, the Chopper will make a great introduction where they can progress at their own pace on the slopes.

5. Salomon Team Pack Junior Snowboard

Salomon Team Pack Snowboard Junior

Key Features

  • The aspen wood core delivers lightness and speed
  • A great package to get started snowboarding
  • It comes with bindings and a removable leash
  • Best For: Beginners
  • Best Suited: All mountain

Product Pros

  • Flat profile for catch-free edges
  • Soft flex
  • Available in sizes 90cm to 100cm

Product Cons

  • Limited sizes

The Salomon Team Pack Junior Snowboard is a great package introducing your little one to the joys of snowboarding. Unlike many other boards, this one comes with a set of Goodtime xs bindings and a removable leash for mountain safety.

Due to its flat profile and Bitefree technology, young riders can enjoy mastering the basics of turning with limited obstacles. As well as a concave construction, designed to aid children of any age, giving them better control in the descent, this kids snowboard offers better stability. This board is a fun ride with a playful flex.

Wrap Up

With so many kids snowboards on the market, it’s important to do your research before picking any junior snowboards.

Ultimately, the one you choose will come down to your child’s riding style. With so many brands available and a range of prices for the different snowboards, there are plenty of junior snowboards to pick from.

You want them to enjoy the sport at whatever age they start, so take the time to choose the right one that they’ll love. And with proper care and maintenance of the board, you as a family will have years of enjoyment hitting those slopes.

Have fun!

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