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Your 2024 Guide: 5 of the Best Snowboard Boots for Kids

Last Updated on 30 April 2024

If your little one is interested in learning how to snowboard or already knows what they’re doing and needs a kit upgrade, it’s never too early to think about getting a pair of snowboard boots. If you want them to have an enjoyable time on the slopes this winter, then you must find a pair that is comfortable and offers good support.

Purchasing a pair of snowboard boots is a necessary asset if you want them to enjoy the sport; however, unlike adult snowboard boots, kid’s ones don’t always focus on performance and how they handle being strapped to a board, but more on delivering warmth.

While it’s always best to visit a shop to get your child’s feet correctly kitted out, we understand that finding the right pair for the best price takes time as you consider your child’s riding style, foot shape, choice of styles, and flex preferences.

For that reason, read on to find the best snowboard boots, based on price range and riding style for beginners who are learning how to snowboard and more advanced riders. These boots will go perfectly with that new snowboard as well.

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What Are the Best Snowboard Boots for Kids?

If you’re keen to get your children on the slopes this season, don’t wait until the last minute to get them the boots they need. Compared to ski boots, snowboard boots are comfortable, fit nicely, and are easy to wear, but you still want to give your children time to wear them before hitting the slopes.

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1. Burton Zipline BOA Kids Snowboard Boots

The Burton Zipline BOA Kids Snowboard Boots

Key Features

  • BOA closure lace system

  • Heat moldable liners and comfy cushioning

  • Easy to get on and off

  • Best For: All mountain

Product Pros

  • Forgiving flex that’s ideal for beginners
  • Warm enough to withstand freezing temperatures
  • Good cushioning

Product Cons

  • On the expensive side

The Burton BOA zipline snowboard boots are ideal for getting your children ahead on the slopes.

Delivering a fuss-free design, the knob at the top of the boot ensures it can be tightened for the right fit that’s snug and comfortable in the snowboard bindings. The BOA closure on these Burton boots also ensures independence for your boarder. On top of that, these boots come with a heat-moldable imprint liner delivering a customised fit, giving you a boot that’ll be worn all day with no problems.

Thanks to their flexible outsole, these Burton boots are designed to be responsive, making them perfect for the rider who’s just starting out.

2. ThirtyTwo Kid’s BOA Snowboard Boots

Thirtytwo Kid's BOA Snowboard Boots by Amazon

Key Features

  • BOA closure system

  • Evolution Foam Outsole for all day comfort

  • Easy to get on

  • Best For: All mountain

Product Pros

  • Energy foam outsole
  • Heat-moldable liner for a customised fit
  • Comfortable and warm

Product Cons

  • Lack of design options

If you’re looking for a pair of snowboard boots that are stylish while maintaining their comfort, then you should consider the Thirtytwo Kid’s BOA Snowboard boots for your kids.

For starters, these boots come with a BOA closure lace system, ideal for getting your boarder on the snow with less fuss. This is a soft flex boot, built for comfort and more enjoyment on the snow. With these boots, you shouldn’t hear too many complaints, thanks to the super soft comfy tongue and its Evolution Foam Outsole.

For the price of these ThirtyTwo boots, they offer a lot for the rider who is keen to get the most out of their snowy adventures up the mountain this winter season. What more could you want from a snowboard boot?

3. Burton Grom Boa Snowboard Boot

Key Features

  • BOA lacing system

  • Durable and grippy thanks to the rubber outsole

  • Great boots for getting into snowboarding

  • Best For: All mountain

Product Pros

  • TLS twin lacing system
  • Affordable snowboard boot that keeps feet warm
  • Great for beginners

Product Cons

  • Not many colour choices

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a toddler in snowboard boots. What better pair to start them out in than the Burton mini grom snowboard boots?

For the toddler in your life starting on their snowboarding adventure, these are a great pair to introduce them to the ways of snowboarding as they are soft and flexible while delivering the right amount of support for your little one’s feet.

These boots start at 7C and come with a Room to Grow footbed that gives you a full size more without having to worry about those inevitable growth spurts along the way. Keeping feet warm and dry is a must for young children, which is why there’s no need to worry about these Burton boots due to their sealed and insulated soles.

They are also equipped with velcro straps, so kids can get their boots on and off without needing too much assistance.

4. K2 You+h Youth Snowboard Boots

K2 You+h Youth Snowboard Boots

Key Features

  • BOA lacing system

  • Lightweight construction

  • Comfort foam EVA liner provides an excellent fit

  • Best For: All mountain, Freeride, Freestyle, Powder

Product Pros

  • Grows-a-Long shims can be added or removed as your child grows
  • Articulating upper cuff reduces shell distortion
  • Stylish boot

Product Cons

  • Not suitable for riders who want a stiff boot

If you’re looking for a riding style that delivers all-day comfort, then the K2 You+h youth snowboard boots are one to consider. The lightweight construction of these boots makes them comfortable to wear and walk around in, enabling the rider to make the most of their time on the mountain.

Made from high-quality materials, these snowboard boots give young riders the confidence to know they can do anything. This is aided by the BOA lacing system and the stainless steel BOA laces delivering better control and a secure fit.

For a custom fit to suit the rider, the K2 You+h snowboard boots come with a soft comfort EVA liner that is warm and breathable for any foot shape. There are also internal J bars that hold the ankles for a responsive and secure fit, delivering a better ride. And for those growth spurts, these boots come with Grows-a-Long shims giving the rider a longer life out of the boots.

For the price of some snowboard boots, you want to get the most out of them before having to replace them. Thankfully, the K2 You+h is one such boot that enables this.

5. DC Scout BOA Kids Snowboard Boots

DC Scout BOA Kids Snowboard Boots

Key Features

  • Removable insoles to accommodate growth spurts

  • BOA lacing system

  • A descendent of the adult Scout snowboard boots

  • Best For: All mountain

Product Pros

  • Moisture-wicking insole for all day comfort
  • Soft flex
  • Warm and durable

Product Cons

  • Sizes run a little on the small size, so you may want to go up a size

For riders looking for progression and a great time in the mountains, then the DC Scout BOA kids snowboard boots are ones to consider.

A copy of the adult Scout snowboard boots, the youth version uses the same components, providing a comfortable riding style for those who are developing their skills further.

The insole is die-cut EVA for comfort and durability and is covered in a moisture-wicking cloth for all-day comfort. The outer sole has been designed so that it delivers enough traction to get your little one on the slopes, whereas the BOA system uses an H4 coiler that delivers the ideal balance between flex and support.

What Age Can Children Learn to Snowboard?

In the UK, most children learn to ski between the ages of 2-3. This is down to the fact that learning to snowboard requires a bit more understanding when it comes to their left and right and that they’ll need to know how to transfer their weight onto their heels and toes when turning.

Because of this, many ski centres in the UK will only take children on for snowboarding lessons when they’re at least four-years-old. If you’re away on holiday, you’ll often find that ski schools won’t take children snowboarding until they’re around the age of 7 in private lessons and ten in group lessons. You’ll need to check where you’re going as these ages can range.

The critical thing to remember, though, is that each child will develop at their own pace, but in order for them to do so, it needs to be fun for them. As long as they enjoy it, they’ll want to return for more.

How Long Do Kids Snowboard Boots Last?

As any parent of children knows, they grow at a fast rate, meaning if you’re thinking of taking your little one snowboarding, you won’t get much use out of the boots, unless you buy snowboard boots that have a removable footbed that extends the use of the boot as your child grows.

With children’s snowboard boots, parents can expect them to last around one to two seasons before they grow out of them. Before, it was common for parents to purchase children’s snowboard boots half to a full size bigger than what they currently were. Now, though, that’s no longer necessary. You want them comfortable without too much slippage inside the snowboard boot.

To solve this, companies such as Burton have designed new components such as footbeds that can be removed or expanded to increase the fit of the snowboard boots. Other innovations include a BOA system that dials and lace paths to give the foot a secure fit inside the boot compared to traditional laces. It also provides more independence to your children when they’re ready to hit the slopes.

How to Choose Your Snowboard Boots?

Arguably, one of the most important components of snowboarding is ensuring you have the right snowboard boots for your child. You’ll be spending a considerable amount of time snowboarding or walking around in snowboard boots and the last thing you want is for them to be in pain.

If you can, spend a bit more on your child’s boots compared to their snowboard so that they get the right fit for maximum enjoyment up the mountain. The snowboard boots you ultimately pick will best suit the type of riding style your child will be doing and the snow conditions you’ll likely encounter.

You want the boots to fit snugly, but not to the point where they restrict the movement of their toes. The rear of the boot should fit snugly so that when your child leans forward, it’s their board that lifts up and not their heels.

And whatever you do, don’t go for a boot that’s too loose; it’s okay if the toes are brushing the front of the boot.

Many kids snowboard boots come with a footbed that can be removed as they grow. Don’t purchase kids snowboard boots that are too big, thinking they’ll grow into them. If the boots are too big, they won’t provide the stability needed.

Snowboard boots follow standard footwear sizing; however, just as one shoe may be smaller or bigger in another brand, the same applies to snowboard boots.

What Boot Flex Do You Need?

If these are your child’s first set of snowboard boots or you’re upgrading the ones they already have, you’ll find that snowboard boots come in a range of flexibility, from soft to medium to stiff.

Soft Flex

These types of snowboard boots are incredibly comfortable and make wearing them all day feel as though you’re wearing slippers.

These types of boots are ideal for those just starting out snowboarding or for toddlers who want to get a feel of what snowboard boots feel like.

Medium Flex

Unlike soft flex boots, snowboard boots that have a medium flex deliver more cushion to the rider’s feet for maximum performance and comfort. They are also more responsive.

Stiff Flex

Stiff-flexing snowboard boots offer the most support and control for your riding style.

What’s Your Riding Style?

If you’re taking your little one to the mountains for the first time, chances are you’ll be sticking to the nursery slopes so they can get used to what it’s like in the snow, wearing their boots, and getting used to being pulled along on their snowboard. For these types of conditions, they’ll be best suited to snowboard boots that have a soft flex to them.

If they’re a bit older or know what they’re doing on the mountain, then they may be up for exploring different terrain.


This type of riding style refers to any terrain that’s suited to a snowboard. Most riders will fall under this type – untracked powder, groomed snow – and tend to wear flexible boots.


This type includes off-piste conditions and some groomed runs. Because riders tend to focus on speed with this style, stiffer snowboard boots are required, so they can handle icy conditions on the mountain.


Here, you’ll find boarders focused on the fun aspects of boarding, such as jumps, half-pipes, rails, and tricks. Due to the nature of it, riders require snowboard boots that have more flex in them.

Final Thoughts

Whether your child is a newbie at snowboarding or has done it before, purchasing snowboard boots is an investment that should be considered properly. You must get them the correct boots to begin with, and, hopefully, we’ve helped you narrow down what we think are the best ones to consider.

By the time the snow season starts, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes with your children who will, hopefully, grow to love the mountains just as much as you do. For that to happen, they need to have the best and correct snowboard boots on their feet.

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