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Snowboard Helmet: 9 of the Best For Men, Women & Kids in 2024

Last Updated on 27 January 2024

We’re slowly getting to that time of the year again when it’s time to start thinking about our winter ski and snowboarding holidays. If you’re anything like me, this tends to happen once the weather starts getting cold and the nights begin drawing in.

But do you have all the equipment you need?

Snowboard? Check! Skis? Check! Appropriate winter waterproof clothing? Check! Snowboard helmet? Even though you’re likely to see at least one person snowboarding without any helmet protection this season, it’s prudent to get a helmet for your own safety.

Thankfully, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in this handy article, including brands such as Anon, Oakley, and Salomon. Whether you’re looking for helmets that cater for riding in the park, on the resort, or for more backcountry adventures, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to find out the 9 best snowboard helmets for men, women, and kids for the 2023-2024 season.

What is the Best Snowboard Helmet to Buy?

A great snowboard helmet is the icing on the cake of a complete snowboarder’s kit. Check out the ones we’ve listed below to find the perfect one for you.

1. Adult Unisex: Bollé – BACKLINE VISOR Ski Helmet

Bollé - BACKLINE VISOR Ski Helmet. Photo from Amazon.

Key Features

  • Adjustable ventilation system

  • A polycarbonate filter visor with 100% UV protection

  • Weight 650g

Product Pros

  • Ultra-resistant ABS shell
  • Removable ear pads
  • A click-to-fit system for a customised helmet fit

Product Cons

  • Expensive

The Backline Visor Ski Helmet is a great choice for snowboarders searching for a helmet that delivers comfort, practicality, protection, and style.

With its adjustable vents, there’s no need to get a hot head when the temperature rises or when you’re on the slopes all day enjoying those powder runs. It also comes with removable ear pads and a Click-to-Fit adjustment system for the best mould fit to your head.

The Backline Visor helmet comes with two visors (a category 1 and a category 3) for the best visibility whatever the snow conditions. These can easily be detached when you need to switch them around. It also has an ultra-resistent injected ABS shell designed to deliver maximum protection giving you the confidence to do your favourite piste runs.

It’s available in S (54-56cm), M (56-58cm), and L (60-62cm).

2. Women’s: Giro Terra MIPS Ski & Snow Helmet

Giro Terra MIPS Women's Ski/Snow Helmet. Photo from Amazon.

Key Features

  • MIPS impact protection system

  • Lighter and cooler than traditional snowboarding helmets

  • Weight 400g

Product Pros

  • The tough polycarbonate outer shell fuses with the helmet’s impact-absorbing foam liner

  • The new venting system manages airflow and temperature

  • Seamless compatibility with all Giro goggles

Product Cons

  • May feel too tight

The Giro Terra MIPS snowboard helmet has been specially designed for women who are seeking an ultra-lightweight helmet that comes in a sleek design. It also delivers advanced protection thanks to its MIPS system, sophisticated Passive Aggressive venting system when you want to explore the backcountry or more groomed piste runs, and on-the-fly Vertical Tuning capability.

Available in a range of colours, the Giro Terra MIPS snowboard helmet is an excellent choice that’s constructed with a tough outer shell with a polycarbonate lower shell. Both of these are fused to the liner for added durability without adding excessive weight to the helmet.

For a cool ride on the slopes that delivers optimal protection, you can’t go wrong with the Giro Terra.

It’s available in S (52-55.5cm) and M (55.5-59cm).

3. Kids: Salomon Orka Visor Snowboard Helmet

Salomon Orka Visor Kids Helmet Ski Snowboarding. Photo from Amazon.

Key Features

  • In-mould construction keeps the helmet’s weight down

  • Integrated removable flash visor

  • Weight 440g

Product Pros

  • A stylish snowboard helmet for children to wear on the slopes

  • Technical features include a custom dial adjustment system to accommodate a growing child’s head

  • Prescription glasses compatibility

Product Cons

  • It doesn’t come with the MIPS technology

The Salomon Orka Visor Kids Snowboard Helmet is a great choice for children searching for a helmet that will protect their heads while delivering comfort, style, and good ventilation.

The Orka helmet uses standard EPS construction for excellent shock absorption while an adjustment wheel at the back of the helmet enables a better fit in seconds. Whatever the conditions, the integrated liner maintains head warmth while also staying breathable when the weather temperature does rise.

This helmet model also comes with an interchangeable category 2 visor, meaning your children can enjoy the mountains on overcast or sunny days. Now, there’s no need to worry about searching for missing goggles when you’re ready to hit the slopes.

It’s available in S (49-53cm), M (53-56cm), and L (56-59cm).

4. Adult Unisex: POC Fornix MIPS – Ski and Snowboard Helmet

NEW POC Fornix MIPS - Ski and snowboard helmet. Photo from Amazon.

Key Features

  • MIPS impact protection system

  • Reinforced EPS liner

  • Weight 400g

Product Pros

  • Updated internal shape for a more comfortable fit

  • Goggle clip at the rear of the helmet for added security

  • Aramid moulded to the helmet for extra protection

Product Cons

  • Expensive

The updated POC Fornix MIPS snowboarding helmet is a great all-mountain helmet that delivers enhanced protection, style, and comfort while you’re exploring the mountains.

Thanks to the addition of the MIPS system, the POC Fornix is designed with rotational impact protection giving you the confidence to enjoy the slopes wherever you are.

The updated internal shape and the size adjustment system also provide a better size fit that’s comfortable to wear all day. Ventilation is easily adjustable for optimal comfort and goggle chimneys align with the top of POC goggles to enable heat to escape and to prevent fogging.

It’s available in XS-S (51-54cm), M-L (55-58cm), and XL-XXL (59-62cm).

5. Adult Unisex: Oakley MOD 5 Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Oakley MOD 5 Ski Helmet. Photo from Amazon.

Key Features

  • Integrated MIPS system

  • BOA 360-degree adjustable fit system for a comfortable head fit

  • Weight 560g

Product Pros

  • Magnetic Fidlock buckle secures helmet easily even with gloves on

  • Adjustable vents to remove stale air

  • Removable liner and earpads

Product Cons

  • Limited colour choices

The Oakley MOD 5 Ski & Snowboard Helmet is an excellent helmet for those who are keen to explore the mountains knowing they have a helmet that is full of technical features designed to protect and deliver maximum comfort.

The Oakley has an in-mould polycarbonate top section to keep the helmet’s weight down, and a dura-matter lower section where impacts are more common for added strength and durability. The integrated MIPS system delivers enhanced protection throughout the ski and snowboard season while the BOA 360-degree adjustable fit system provides a secure and comfortable fit.

Whatever the weather conditions, there is good ventilation on the Oakley MOD 5 enabling the best airflow for maximum comfort.

It’s available in S (51-55cm), M (55-59cm), and L (59-63cm).

6. Women’s: Salomon Mirage Access Snowboard Helmet

Salomon Mirage Access Women's Helmet Visor Goggles Ski Snowboard. Photo from Amazon.

Key Features

  • Interchangeable lens system

  • Active ventilation

  • Weight 500g

Product Pros

  • MaxFit construction around the ear pads for instant comfort and better-quality hearing

  • 3D perforated ear-pad construction

  • Adjustable dial fit system

Product Cons

  • The mechanism for opening the visor isn’t easy to use

The women’s Salomon Mirage Access Snowboard Helmet is a modern helmet with an integrated filter windshield, delivering the best visibility when on the piste exploring the mountains. This visor is also interchangeable, so you can remove and change it depending on the weather conditions. The lens filter 100% of the sun’s UV rays, providing complete eye protection.

It’s constructed with a lightweight PC shell that’s fused with an EPS liner to maximise impact protection, just what you want whether you’re exploring the backcountry or in the park. You want a helmet you can feel confident in, and that’s what the Salomon brand provides.

The Salomon Mirage also comes with an airflow concept. With built-in channels, it gives snowboarders an even temperature and constant airflow between your head, helmet, and goggles.

It’s available in S (53-56cm) and M (56-59cm).

7. Kids: Anon Rime Snowboard Helmet

Anon Rime Snowboard Helmet Girls. Photo from Amazon.

Key Features

  • Fidlock snap helmet buckle

  • Endura-Shell construction

  • Weight 595g

Product Pros

  • Youth auto-adjust system

  • Fleece liner and ear pads

  • Passive ventilation

Product Cons

  • Limited colour choices

The Anon Rime Snowboard Helmet for kids is an affordable helmet that’s a great option especially if your children are just starting out with snowsports.

This helmet has a fresh and clean style that comes with a removable goggle clip for when goggles aren’t needed. The helmet has a fleece liner and ear pads for maximum warmth, providing a snug fit throughout the day.

Top, back, and front ventilation also ensures that the rider’s head has constant airflow.

It’s available in S/M (48-51cm) and M/L (52-55cm).

8. Adult Unisex: Atomic Unisex Savor Visor Stereo Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Adult Unisex: Atomic Unisex Savor Visor Stereo Ski Helmet. Photo from Amazon.

Key Features

  • Holo Core for maximum shock absorption

  • Glare protection on the visor for 100% visibility

  • Weight 650g

Product Pros

  • ABS hard shell

  • Adjustable vents for advanced cooling

  • Live Fit adapts to your head, with a height-adjustable 360-degree fit system for a snug fit

Product Cons

  • Heavier than some of the other snowboard helmets

The Atomic Unisex Savor Visor Stereo Ski & Snowboard Helmet is a helmet that makes skiing and snowboarding so easy.

Thanks to its Holo Core, the Atomic Savor delivers supreme protection while staying lightweight and cool. Whatever the snow conditions, the visor comes with nine layers of mirror coating that delivers 100% clarity and protection from glare.

And to ensure a comfortable fit, the Atomic Savor comes with an adaptive tri-layer foam that moulds to a rider’s head, creating an individual fit.

It’s available in sizes S (51-55cm), M (55-59cm), L (59-63cm), and XL (63-65cm).

9. Men’s: Smith Maze Outdoor Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Smith Maze Men's Outdoor Ski Helmet. Photo from Amazon.

Key Features

  • MIPS technology system

  • Nine vents for airflow

  • Weight 340g

Product Pros

  • Designed to integrate with Smith goggles

  • Lightweight in-mould construction connects the shell and EPS foam to make it lightweight and durable

  • Removable snapfit SL2 ear pads add warmth and are audio-chip compatible

Product Cons

  • Limited colour choices in matte black or navy

The Smith Maze Outdoor Ski & Snowboard Helmet for men is a lightweight yet comfortable helmet to wear for those mountain runs.

Equipped with a MIPS system, this snowboard helmet delivers excellent protection in the event of falls and crashes giving you the confidence to enjoy your time on the snow. Despite being lightweight, this helmet has a tough exterior shell that’s fused with an EPS liner.

The self-adjusting lifestyle fit system flexes to match the shape of your head ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.

It’s available in sizes S (51-55cm), M (55-59cm), L (59-63cm), and XL (63-67cm).

Why Should You Wear a Ski Helmet?

If helmets were an essential part of a snowboarder’s kit on slopes during the 1980s and there weren’t very many people on the slopes, today it is quite different.

In March, for instance, it was reported that between 80 and 100 people were admitted to one hospital in Grenoble, France. Some of the injuries included neck and leg fractures with shoulder and wrist fractures being the most common.

It goes without saying then that wearing a head protector when snowboarding or skiing is essential for your safety.

You only have one head, so why risk it when you’re doing a sport such as snowboarding? Wearing the right equipment such as a snowboard helmet is vital in the event that you do come into trouble when you’re on the slopes.

And by wearing the right helmet to begin with, you’ll be confident in knowing that you have the right protection on your head when you need it the most.

What Are Snowboard Helmets Made From?

Similar to other equipment we own such as snowboard boots, snowboards, skis, or even hiking backpacks, snowboard helmets are made from different components that make them up.

Let’s take a closer look to see what they consist of:

  • Shell: This is the outer layer of a snowboard helmet made of a hard material to deliver the best safety against a crash or fall.

  • Inner liner: This is made from an EPS foam that’s designed to absorb the energy from the impact of any fall or crash. If such an incident does happen, the safety of the helmet may be called into question and should be replaced.

  • In-mould helmets: These types of helmets tend to be lighter than injected-mould helmets. They are made by fusing the outer shell and the EPS form.

  • Injected-moulded helmets: Offering more durability, injected-moulded helmets are constructed with an EPS foam fused to a separate helmet shell.

How to Choose the Size of a Snowboard Helmet?

Getting the right size helmet is essential for all-day safety when you’re out in the snow. When you’re getting your helmet, make sure it fits snugly and comfortably on your head for maximum protection.

Measuring your head: A good way of measuring your head is by using a measuring tape. If you are, make sure that you position the measuring tape above the ears and 1″ above the eyebrows. Measure the biggest part of your head to get the circumference of your head. This figure is the number you’ll need to determine the right helmet size for you.

When checking the fit of your helmet, you want to make sure that it fits snugly and isn’t too loose. To check this, simply move your head back and forth. If it moves too much, you might want to go down a size. Also, use the adjustment system at the back of your helmet to provide a better fit.

If you can, try with a pair of your goggles. You want to make sure that these fit snugly with your helmet and that there isn’t a gap between your goggles and helmet. Ensure that your helmet sits low enough to protect your helmet, but not too low that it hinders your vision.

Final Thoughts

Snowboard helmets come in a range of styles, designs, models, colours, and from a variety of brands. With so many to discover, it can often feel like a minefield as to the one you should choose.

Hopefully, with the selection of brands we’ve selected, we’ve given you a great choice of helmets to pick from. You want to be confident in what you’re wearing when you’re next on the piste and we think with these snowboarding helmets you will.

With safety at the forefront with the aforementioned helmets while remaining stylish and comfortable, they will do you well throughout the season you’re on the snow.

Have fun!

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